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John White, CEO, Inflight DublinJohn White, CEO
True innovation occurs when digital technologies are used to improve the quality of human experience.

Driven by this belief, Condor—a German-based airline—recently introduced a state-of-the-art, wireless inflight entertainment solution to facilitate a seamless flight experience to its passengers. Today, the passengers flying on Condor’s airplanes can access a plethora of engaging, high-quality content delivered right to their mobile devices. The content is updated regularly based on popularity and passenger insights. And since the content is directly sourced to their personal devices, Condor is able to facilitate a contactless and COVID-19 regulation-compliant environment, without compromising the experience of its passengers. What’s more? Passengers will have the ability to plan and book destination activities such as excursions, theme parks, and countless other events even before landing. Owing to this passenger-centric implementation, Condor is witnessing a steady uptrend in its popularity among frequent flyers.

The architect behind this makeover? Inflight Dublin—one of the world’s most successful inflight entertainment services companies.

A company, which began as a provider of inflight audio services in 1984, has since expanded its services into video content. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company possesses over 35 years of experience in the inflight entertainment segment. Inflight Dublin combines its extensive content service provider (CSP) expertise with a fully-fledged design department to meet the entertainment needs of some of the most prominent airlines across the world.

Notably, having established robust partnerships with several distributors and content creators in Hollywood and other studios across the world, Inflight Dublin has access to some of the most extensive range of licensed content, including movies, television series, and more.
Moreover, with its content streamed in various languages like French, German, Chinese, Arabic, etc., Inflight Dublin provides the ability to entertain passengers from all parts of the world. Inflight Dublin also allows airlines to generate revenue through advertising, duty-free shopping and destination services. In an age when passengers have to choose between expenditure and experience, Inflight Dublin helps its clients boost passenger retention rates by offering high-quality flight experiences at cost-effective rates.

Under the Hood of Excellence

“It is our ability to provide the entire gamut of inflight entertainment integration services—hardware, software, and content—that makes Inflight Dublin a provider of choice for clients,” says John White, the CEO of Inflight Dublin.

Notably, Inflight Dublin’s end-to-end wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) platform—Everhub—forms the core of its robust entertainment offerings. The Everhub platform comprises a seamless UX/UI software and a wireless server, which acts as the ‘pipeline’ to deliver meticulously updated content to the passengers whenever they need.
  • In an age when passengers have to choose between expenditure and experience, Inflight Dublin helps its clients boost passenger retention rates by offering high-quality flight experiences at cost-effective rates

The wireless server itself is a portable hardware device no larger than a shoebox. As a result, the aircraft does not have to assign additional space for content storage or connection cables. The server can either directly draw power from the aircraft or external batteries depending on client preferences. Even if a battery runs out, the server automatically redirects to a second backup battery without interrupting its operation. And markedly, each server unit can deliver high-definition browser-based content to up to 75 passengers at once. In addition, the versatility and remote configuration capabilities of the Everhub server significantly minimise the operational costs for the airlines!

As a matter of fact, all the hardware components of Everhub are produced through Inflight Dublin’s selected manufacturing partners. An in-house software development team at Inflight Dublin then embeds customised software into the assembled hardware, before UI graphics components are added by the design team. As a result, clients don’t have to chase multiple providers for each of the different functionalities.

Illuminating the Path to Success

Propelled by several successes and contributions to the inflight entertainment sector, Inflight Dublin is experiencing rapid growth. Moving forward, the company will invest in innovating the Everhub solution further and enhancing its quality and value for clients. Especially in the current pandemic times, the company aims to promote passenger safety through contactless entertainment systems. Along with a growing presence in Africa, Asia, Russia, and Central Eastern Europe, the company is planning to expand its footprint across the Gulf region and North America. “Our main focus will be on passenger-centric solutions, which will enable our clients to make a mark of excellence in the airline industry with their engaging inflight entertainment capabilities,” concludes White.
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Inflight Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

John White, CEO

Inflight Dublin is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment solutions for both wireless and seat-back systems. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the company combines over 35 years of inflight entertainment experience with its highly skilled workforce to deliver industry-leading services. The company’s CSP expertise is only augmented by its state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. With full access to early window Hollywood content, a fully-fledged design department, and one of the most comprehensive end-to-end wireless IFE platforms, Everhub, featuring the DO-160G certified next-generation hardware, Inflight Dublin caters to each airlines’ tailored needs with every aspect of their products and services provided via in-house means

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